Mobile payments,
made simple.

Tola is a mobile payment
service provider

Pay for physical goods using
a mobile phone

Charging transactions to a mobile wallet or mobile phone account.

Why Tola?

Tola is a mobile payment service provider. We take the hassle, cost and risk out of paying for goods and services by allowing consumers to pay directly from their mobile, charging transactions to a mobile wallet or phone account. The model adds value to all parties in the ecosystem – merchant, MNO and consumer.

We operate under an e-Money licence and FCA regulation.

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Who we are

Recently launched in the UK, and already seeing unprecedented growth throughout Europe and Africa, Tola Mobile has already processed over 100 million transactions around the world. Why? Because we’re passionate about making it easier for businesses to securely transact with their customers – whatever the time, whatever the place.

Mobile payments, made simple.

Is a solution that enables seamless transfer of funds between merchants and mobile wallet subscribers. We launched in 2015 and are now one of the fastest growing payment intermediaries in Africa. To-date the Tola platform in Africa has processed over 100M transactions equating to funds of over $75M in value.

Through our E-money license, we supply a straightforward, API driven, payment method which allows your customer to purchase physical goods and services, through their existing Mobile phone account. There is no stepping away from the payment experience in the consumer journey, with an easy way to make a payment. Tola is the new, secure and convenient way to acquire new customers for your service, application or shop.

Tola Mobile Payment Options


  • We help connect merchants to the 6.8 billion people around the world that use their mobile phone to browse, shop and pay – every minute, of every day.

Mobile network operators

  • We help you to unlock new revenue streams, reducing distribution costs and building a value added service for your customers.


  • No complicated account set up, no entering lengthy credit card or bank details – all you need is your mobile phone number.

Tola Features

Secure payment

Secure alternative to Credit Card purchases


E-Money Licence & FCA regulations

No Hassle

Easy payment via mobile number

Transparent Payment

Consumer fully informed of payment history and charges

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