Sports & Betting Market

Tola Mobile works with a number of sports and betting companies in Africa. We want to reach out to companies who wish to expand into Africa and support you in setting up mobile payments.

  • Tola Mobile holds various gaming licences in East Africa, providing connections with Mobile Wallets – used in sports betting
  • Tola currently has a number of merchant agreements in East Africa processing tens of million transactions each month.

Why Africa?
  • In developing countries such as Africa, 2.5 billion people are unbanked. However, over 1 billion of these people have access to a mobile phone
  • Mobile gaming is just starting to gain traction in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania – it is one of the fastest growing markets in East Africa

The mobile wallet market is growing from $18.7billion in 2014 to $260.3 billion in 2020, which is a 40% CAGR, there are very few global markets in a 40%+ growth rate year on year.

Tola Wallet

Is a solution that enables seamless transfer of funds between merchants and mobile wallet subscribers. We launched in 2015 and are now one of the fastest growing payment intermediaries in Africa. To-date the Tola platform in Africa has processed over 100M transactions equating to funds of over $75M in value.

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Hear from our customers.

“BetYetu products are designed for our audience’s entertainment and enjoyment and we are committed to providing a secure, fair and socially responsible service. With the single connection to Tola, it allows our customers to have connections to multiple money providers. It’s an exciting time for us in Africa and we look forward to growing our market share” Mark Robertson

“Mkekabet offers real-time interactive betting, with Tola Mobile providing the billing solution, seamless transfer of funds between merchants and mobile wallet subscribers in Africa. We are extremely happy with the level of service and digital offering; without Tola we would not have a business” Darren Glover

“Lotto Kenya is the leading lottery operator in Kenya and recently on 31st December 2016 had a $1 million USD Lotto winner the biggest ever in Central and East Africa – Tola has greatly assisted us to get to this position in the market” Martin Quinlan