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Gaming and Gambling, gamers

Gaming & Sportsbook

This industry in Africa has grown significantly with the adoption of Mobile money. The instant nature of payments into an on-line Game or Betting site drives ease of engagement, and instant payment or withdrawal of winnings provides consumer confidence.

The Games cover everything from simple numbers games, Lottery, ‘Spin & Win’, Casino and Virtual Sports. Sportsbook platforms provide betting services on a variety of sports including football, cricket, rugby, tennis and baseball.

Tola provides Mobile Wallet integration for the funding of Accounts and payout of Winnings/Prizes, as well SMS notifications to the player, ‘Betting by SMS’ instruction and fully customized USSD Menus replicating website functions.


The provision of on-line purchase of pharmacy goods, medical supplies or medical services with payment made by Mobile Money, directly from the customer Mobile Wallet.


Online Checkout processing using Mobile Wallets for the payment of goods and services offered by merchants through their E-commerce enabled websites.

Tola provides eCommerce Widgets and ‘Plugins’ that initiate Mobile Wallet payments for goods and services offered by the merchant business. These are either for specific frameworks or bespoke hosted Widgets.

Services Billing

Payments facilitation for the provision of Utility and Media services through Mobile Wallet integration, along with SMS notification for receipts, billing and service provision.

Parking, director operator billing for parking, billing for parking

Transportation, Logistics & Travel Ticketing

Payment for fares, shipments and tickets on various types of Transportation and travel services.

NGO / Gov Depts / Payroll Fulfilment

The payment distribution from organisations and business to individuals through Mobile Wallets, such as Pension, Payroll, Welfare payments, Subsidiary payments.

Conversely, the regular periodic payment to organisations and business, whether Annual/Monthly/Weekly payments for Taxes due, Licences, Education fees, etc.

Finance / Fin-Tech

Payment of Policy Premiums through Mobile Wallets, the fulfillment of out-payments from claims or loans and servicing repayments.

Tola can also cater for International Remittances where the payment initiator and target recipient are located in different countries.