Tola Mobilepay


Tola Mobile’s product portfolio is comprised of a platform and a set of services to enable mobile-centric merchant businesses

Wallet Platform

Tola.wallet is a Mobile Wallet technology integration platform.

One connection to Tola enables merchant businesses to transact with millions of mobile money consumers in multiple markets!

Once integrated to Tola, a merchant business is not required to integrate directly with each individual different Mobile Wallet technologies across many regions.

Tola manages and maintains these integrations, as well as utilizing a powerful transaction platform, that provides reporting on your transactions in all regions, and transaction integrity for all Mobile Wallet transactions.

What’s important with Tola, is that the merchant business maintains its own Paybill, you manage the funds in the Paybill, Tola is not part of the flow of funds from your customers.

In addition to the support of Mobile Wallet integrations, the Tola platform also supports credit card payments, initially in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. By facilitating the initiation of the payment acquisition, PCI-DSS compliance overhead is reduced for the merchant business.

Mobile Enablement

This set of services enable mobile centric merchant businesses to extend their product offerings to customers through the Mobile handset.

SMS Messaging to support the merchant business, product or service offerings. May include Receipts, Notifications, Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) messages or messages that initiate service interaction by the customer.

Custom USSD menus allow the subscriber to interact through a text-based menu sub-system to consume information and request services.

eCommerce Widgets and ‘Plugins’ that initiate Mobile Wallet payments for goods and services offered by the merchant business. These are either for specific frameworks or bespoke hosted Widgets.